Generation360™ Academy was established with the sole intent of encouraging creative talent, and making the training experience more interactive, comfortable, and impactful at the same time. We are your pitstop that can proliferate your creativity and imagination!! The specially designed training modules on our Next-Gen platform offer both online and offline courses, training, and workshops. We provide a cloud-based, multi-device, secure training content delivery platform with the ability to support interactive courses, assignments, assessments, and projects that are scored to support data-driven insights, measure the progress thereby increasing the learning curve.

Live, streamed classes, webinars, on-demand content, certification, and internship opportunities to collaborate with some of the top talents from the industry, are some of the lucrative features of the programs that our academy offers. We provide personalized training solutions – instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and Anytime Learning (ATL) modules across industries.


Live lectures by the industry experts, elite mentors, fun and engaging teaching methods, all make for a consummate learning experience. Our pursuit is to grab the learner’s attention with visually rich content, creative template, and video content as well.


Acquire first-hand knowledge on how the director becomes the chief creator of a project, how the story is picturized from multiple perspectives, and how the audience is influenced by the director’s vision. Through our sessions, we will have an exhaustive knowledge base on the techniques and equipment required to make a great video.


Come learn to edit videos like a professional. This program is a must-try for all those aspiring to be video makers, bloggers, or business owners. It helps hone your editing skills from the ground level. With specially designed workshops, assignments, and masterclass based interactive pedagogy, this course pretty much has all that is needed to become a professional editor.


Join our Sound Engineering course and get to know the fine art of sound editing, mixing, and design. Learn from subject matter experts, the process of application of industry relevant software and hardware. With our carefully designed schema, you can be a maestro in producing great quality sound for your projects. We will provide additional guidance on how to choose the right SFX, Foley, BGM and to execute the assembling of the final cut of the project.


Come sit with us to know more about how music is created, recorded, edited, and how to mix different soundtracks, with the tools available in the market. Our core team will give you intense training to enable you to create soul-stirring music on your computer. You will also learn about industry-relevant software and hardware.


Come explore the many ways in which a cinematographer contributes to the phenomenal process of transforming screenplays into a movie or video. With extensively planned exercises, workshops, masterclass, and productions, our master team will familiarize you with the craft and handhold you through supportive studies of critical and analytical study of cinematography.


From the basic lessons on how to hold a camera, to exploring various modes, exposure control, the depth of field, to understanding landscaping, camera settings, and compositional concepts, become adept in the colorful world of photography. Sit back and absorb the knowledge backed by rich experience, as our experts share glimpses of their advance careers in the field of photography.


Any event requires careful planning, and it needs several aspects to come together seamlessly within a set period, and the execution needs to be flawless. Allow us to guide you through the vast world of Event Management and learn the intricacies of planning the several aspects of an event. This course will be an admix learning of Project management, operations streamlining, vendor management, and to anticipate the challenges of the event industry and derive solutions.


Our team will teach you the subtle art of modelling, rigging, texturing the animated characters, and enable you to digitally generate animated content. As the course moves on, you will understand the animation pipeline and project management to produce and deliver great quality 2D and 3D animation.


Our quick-paced intensive classes are specifically designed to help jump-start the skill of enactment, adopting a character—be it for theatre, television, film, radio, or any platform. Come join us to build a power-packed acting career, and the much-needed skills of improvisation, confidence, body movement, directions and most importantly, the skill of learning lines.


Are you a talented singer? Have you got what it takes to catch a tune and stick the pitch? Bamboozled by all the technical terms thrown around while people sing on stage? Well, your worry ends right here. Come join our course to get started on the path to success in the field of singing. Learn from our team of professional singers, the various stages of theory and practical sessions, and absorb techniques for holding a consistent volume, tone, pitch, and style. We also provide lessons on musical instruments- Keys, Bass, Guitar, Drums, and more.


Want to know all about using your mobile phone for writing articles, editing images, audio, and video? You are in the right place. Know more about affordable storytelling, all the above-mentioned skills and start publishing your creations instantly and with professional integrity. Learn all about the basics of journalism, and the various types of journalism viz. investigative, news, reviews, columns, and feature writing.


Any business venture will flourish only if the brand is associated and oriented by the consumer. Learn more about the relationship between a venture and the public. Understand the impact of a brand image, and how to capitalize it to achieve organizational goals, serve the public interest, build trust, and increase the credibility within the industry and most importantly, the overall reputation.


Learning from a stalwart is so much fun, with the inspiring stories about their years of experience, and their advanced insights into the current market scenario gushing from their vast knowledge base. Our team of instructors and mentors have very diverse areas of expertise, and they have helped design informative and hybrid training programs, aiming at developing the learners’ interpersonal, social, and soft skills.


Specially planned to enhance one’s people skills, social, emotional, and communication abilities, for personality development, and to enable the individual to navigate through their professional and personal environment with ease.


A must learn course for every individual in this present day, this course addresses food patterns, eating lifestyle, and gives guidelines for mental well-being. It throws light on the benefits of yoga, meditation, and its impact on physical and mental health.


In this fast-paced world, both professional and personal environment is filled with stress and anxiety, and it is minutely interconnected with time management and lifestyle practices. Learn more about how to manage these scenarios and come out on top, and about the extensive methods for stress relief and their impact on professional performance and physical health.


Simple as that may seem, the MS Office tools are widely used and hold several nuances that are unexplored by most users. Allow us to guide you to master these universal tools and make an impact on your project presentation and deliveries.


One of the several stress buster activities for today’s urban professionals is gardening. Every other person has developed a green thumb these days. Know more about sustainable urban gardening, tools needed to grow your food, and the subtleties of maintaining a garden in the limited space available


Modern times call for modern parenting techniques. Along with the right mindset, wisdom, and insight, the challenges of a modern-era child are often overlooked by the parent. Learn the fine art of parenting with love, communicating effectively with the child, mentoring, and passing on life lessons to your posterity.


Change is the only constant in this ever-changing world. But very few adapt to it with ease. It is a special skill that needs to be learnt, nurtured, monitored, and developed. Our specially designed course on change management can help you navigate, manage, adapt, and implement the change process within your business, people, and organization with the principles of change management.


Learn more on the concept of brand collaboration, identification and get to know the intricacies of collaboration with the brands that align with your strategies and build stronger partnerships in the process.


Master the skills of digital marketing, learn more about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, content marketing, and web analytics, and understand the methods to reach your branding to the target audience.


Creative Writing Take up our creative writing course to understand more about the skill of the written word. Know more about the various disciplines of creative writing, viz. descriptive, expository, persuasive, narrative, technical, and poetic. Learn the science that goes behind creative writing and apply the concepts across any multimedia platforms, be it Films, Television, websites, comics, magazines, and more.