In the history of filmmaking, directors play a crucial role with their unique style and techniques that become a trademark in their …

Photography is an art, the learning process is never-ending. Whether you have purchased your new DSLR camera or you are looking to …



We follow the 3 stages of production Pre-production (Planning & Strategy, Budgeting, Scriptwriting, Storyboard, Location Recce)
Production (Equipment Rentals, Talent Management, Shoot)
Post-Production (Video Editing, VFX, Animation, SFX, Dubbing/Voice Over, Subtitles, Content Delivery)
Per minute charges would be applicable for digital videos however for in person shoot we would go with per day charges
The initial budget would be inclusive of all technical requirements and it would relate to my point 3 comment
30 secs to 60 secs video it takes an 4 hours of shoot on an average, with retakes and improvisation (if needed) and digital videos of 60 secs with VFX, animation would roughly take 3 to 4 weeks of time with re-iterations (but complexity of the animgeation would extend the time taken)
We need to consider two important aspects (1. Localized Script, 2. Dubbing) so would need the list of languages that we would be delivering the content. This will help to arrange talents from our end
Once we have the English text ready, we can manage the Localization but would need the list of languages
Once we have the English script ready, we can manage the Localization but would need the list of languages
A standard script format would be the ideal way to start the discussion and approach
Yes we can sign an NDA and discuss on the clause


You can get the website details and a description of each courses at

We have zoho platform where the online classes will be conducted. The classes will be more of online and less of offline(But if students wanted to do it online, they can do it online also).
Yes, all the live classes will be recorded and if need be will be sending it to the student on demand.
Anybody who is above 15 years can take these courses
For students below 15 years, we have a Media camp thrice in a year and the camp will be only on weekends for 1 month
We have option for both. List of package courses is updated in our website. Please check
Yes, you can pay the fees in 3 instalments. If you are someone for whose parents income is less than 2 lakhs per year and your percentage mark is above 85% percent, then
It’s totally up to the students to have their own equipments. Gen360’s aim to teach the students with even the basic source they have.
You will be confident to make your own work. Gen360 will also be able to give you work for their services project.