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Music is MAGIC beyond the spoken word!!

Music composition

involves the process of creating an original piece of music, typically starting with a musical idea or concept, developing it into a full composition with melody, harmony, rhythm and structure. This can be done using various tools, such as a musical studio equipment, music notation software or a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Song Writing

is the process of creating lyrics, melodies, and harmonies to accompany the music composition. This often involves collaboration with other songwriters, musicians, or producers to create a song that is both musically and lyrically compelling.


involves the process of taking a song and deciding how it should be presented. This can involve deciding which instruments to use, how the melody should be arranged, and how to structure the song for maximum impact.


involves the process of recording each individual instrument or vocal part separately in a studio environment or at home. This can involve using microphones, audio interfaces, and other equipment to capture each sound and create a high-quality recording.


involves the process of manipulating the recorded audio to improve its quality, remove unwanted noise, and adjust the timing or pitch of individual parts. This can be done using a DAW, which allows for precise editing and manipulation of audio recordings.


involves the process of combining all of the recorded audio parts into a final stereo or surround sound mix. This involves balancing the levels of each individual part, adjusting the frequency and dynamic range of each sound, and adding effects such as reverb or delay to create a cohesive and engaging final mix.


 involves the final step in the music production process, which involves preparing the final mix for distribution. This can involve adjusting the overall volume level, adding final touches to the EQ and compression settings, and ensuring that the mix is optimized for different listening environments and playback systems.

Our Core team experts and consultants
are specialized in

1. Audio Design for Product Advertisements

When our experts creating an Audio Design for a product advertisement, we give important to consider the message you want to convey and how the audio design can enhance and reinforce that message. We are creating effective Audio Designs for product advertisements with following considerations:

Overall, When Generation360 creating an effective audio design for your product advertisement, we provide careful consideration of the message want to convey, the tone wants to set and the platform on which it will be played.

2. Technical and Creative support for Music video production:

Our Technical Support :

Our Creative Support :

Our experts can provide the great creative support for all the above services in Music video production.