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Audio Devices


In all type of production and Events a variety of microphones such as boom microphones, lavaliere microphones, and wireless microphones, are employed.

Sound Mixers

 Audio levels are balanced and adjusted using sound mixers.

Audio recorders

Used to record sounds in high definition on a set or in the field.


The sound mixer and other crew members use these to check the volume and audio quality.


Cables are used to connect microphones and other audio equipment to the recorder or mixer.

Wind Protection

Wind protection is used to reduce wind noise when recording outdoors.

Boom Pole

A boom pole is a long pole used to position a microphone just out of the frame to capture dialogue.

Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

A wireless transmitter and receiver are used to transmit audio from a microphone to the recorder or mixer without the need for cables.

Timecode Slate

A timecode slate is used to synchronize audio and video recordings.

Here we can add Audio equipment images which are giving rentals, Like this,

Video equipment


A wide variety of cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and digital cinema cameras, are used in the creation of movies.


To create various focus lengths and effects, a number of lenses are employed.


Tripods are tools for stabilising cameras.




Sliders and Gimbals

Video Switchers

Video Monitors

Light modifiers

Grip Equipment

Stage Decoration Products

We have the rental products for party decorations, stage decoration, flower decoration, wedding decoration, event decoration.

Truss: Used for support and lighting, truss is a frequent stage décor item. A steel or aluminium structure called a truss is used to support lighting and sound equipment as well as backdrops and other decorations.

Backdrops : To create a particular setting or ambiance, big pieces of cloth or paper are hung behind the stage.

Drapes: Drapes are fabric coverings that are used to hide certain parts of the stage or to provide the illusion of depth.

Props: Props are items that are utilised on stage to enhance a performance or to create a particular setting.

Lighting: Lighting is a crucial component of stage decoration. It can be utilised to draw attention to particular parts of the stage, set a particular tone or give the performance more depth.

Special Effects: Fog machines, lasers, pyrotechnics and other devices are examples of special effects. They are utilised to spice up and intensify the performance.

Banners and signs: You can use banners and signs to draw attention to a particular message or to liven up the stage visually.

Scenic Elements: Natural features like trees, rocks and bodies of water are considered scenic components. They are utilised to make the stage environment realistic.


Rental Procedure and Policies

Find the following standard rental practises and guidelines

Reservation and payment

To reserve equipment, you usually have to give the rental firm a list of the items you need, the dates you require the equipment, and the site of your shoot or event. Reservations are often held with a deposit or credit card authorisation. Payment is typically required prior to or at the time of equipment pickup.

Pickup and Return

Schedule a pickup time and place with the rental provider in advance for pickup and return. You'll have to provide identification and sign a rental contract when it's time for pickup. The equipment will be examined upon return to make sure it is in the same state as when it was borrowed. Fees may be charged in extra for late returns.

Damage & Loss

If the equipment is damaged or lost during the rental time, you are responsible for it, and you can be asked to provide equipment insurance. For an additional cost, certain rental providers could include insurance or a damage waiver.

Modifications and Cancellations

You should give the rental business as much advance notice as you can if you need to cancel or modify your reservation. You can be responsible for cancellation fees, depending on the rental company's policies. Please carefully read the rental agreement and the company's policies. Make sure you are aware of all of the terms and conditions, including any fees or penalties that might be necessary. This will make the rental process easier and more successful.

Lighting Devices

Sliders and Gimbals: Gimbals and sliders are tools for steady camera movement.

Monitors: The director and other crew members use them to watch the footage as it is being filmed.

Video Switchers: Video switchers are used to switch between different camera feeds in live television productions.

Video Monitors: Video monitors are used to preview the footage being recorded or broadcasted.

Truss & Backdrops

Props & Scenic Elements

LED Parcans, Floodlights

Smoke Machine, Lasers

Lighting Mixer

Light Stands

Banners, Flex

LED Screens

Lighting fixtures: Used to illuminate the set or area, they include tungsten, fluorescent, LED, and HMI lights.

Stands: C-stands and light stands are tools for supporting lighting fixtures.

Light modifiers: Tools for modifying the colour, intensity, and direction of light, such as softboxes, umbrellas, and diffusing materials.

Grip Equipment: Clamps, flags, and nets are examples of grip equipment that is used to control and shape light.

All of these types of gear are crucial for getting clear audio and video recordings and for using lighting to set the right mood and environment. Naturally, the particular tools employed in a production will rely on the requirements of the undertaking and the preferences of the crew.