Top-notch equipment leads to MESMERIZING moments!!

Our team of professionals, combined with their hands-on experience and advanced equipment, together make for an amazing combination that gives picture-perfect outcomes. Now with the added advantage of high-quality tools that can be rented anytime through our services, the output will be nothing less than impeccable.

We are one of the best rental company in Chennai for the audio, video, lighting rental equipment provider for Film and TV production, Short Films, Documentaries and Events of all kinds. The following items are available for rental use:


Audio Devices


Audio Mixers

Audio Recorders



PA Speaker

Walkie Talkie


Video equipment




Sliders and Gimbals

Video Switchers

Video Monitors

Light modifiers

Grip Equipment

Lights & Stage

Truss & Backdrops

Props & Scenic Elements

LED Parcans, Floodlights

Smoke Machine, Lasers

Lighting Mixer

Light Stands

Banners, Flex

LED Screens

Rental Procedure and Policies

Find the following standard rental practises and guidelines

Reservation and payment

To reserve equipment, you usually have to give the rental firm a list of the items you need, the dates you require the equipment, and the site of your shoot or event. Reservations are often held with a deposit or credit card authorisation. Payment is typically required prior to or at the time of equipment pickup.

Pickup and Return

Schedule a pickup time and place with the rental provider in advance for pickup and return. You'll have to provide identification and sign a rental contract when it's time for pickup. The equipment will be examined upon return to make sure it is in the same state as when it was borrowed. Fees may be charged in extra for late returns.

Damage & Loss

If the equipment is damaged or lost during the rental time, you are responsible for it, and you can be asked to provide equipment insurance. For an additional cost, certain rental providers could include insurance or a damage waiver.

Modifications and Cancellations

You should give the rental business as much advance notice as you can if you need to cancel or modify your reservation. You can be responsible for cancellation fees, depending on the rental company's policies. Please carefully read the rental agreement and the company's policies. Make sure you are aware of all of the terms and conditions, including any fees or penalties that might be necessary. This will make the rental process easier and more successful.