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Generation360™ Media Solutions offers customized, objective-oriented, and innovative solutions to maximize business outcomes and enhance the overall experience. Our commitment to understanding the ever-changing client requirements with a process excellence framework ensures we deliver desired results in the services we provide - Film & TV Production, Animation & Gaming, Music Production, AI & Automation, Branding, Design, Marketing & PR, Event Management, Photography, Video Editing, Website & App Development, VFX/SFX and more. Our goal is to ensure smooth transition from production, pre-production and post-production projects personalized to suit our customer needs. You can be rest assured that with our industry experts; creative solutions and world-class quality services are within your reach.

We offer Our services are further demarcated into two categories, F.R.A.M.E 360 & V.R 360 Solutions.

F.R.A.M.E 360

Acronym for FILM and TV Production, RENTALS - Equipment, ALL-IN-ONE Marketing, MUSIC Production, and EVENT Management. FRAME is an amalgamation of all B2B Media services, right from Film, TV, Music production, strategic digital marketing, audio-video-lights equipment rentals, and event management for corporate, personal, and business-oriented needs. We have packaged all your needs into one FRAME.











Film & TV Production

INNOVATIVE solution is our way!!

Got a story to tell? Are you struggling with concept creation? No worries! We will help you navigate from script to screen! Our creative team will collaborate with you to Evaluate the ideas, Build the storyboard, Shoot the content, Edit the video-audio and execute the delivery to various platforms. We ensure smooth transition between 3 phases of production. We have got you covered with every aspect involved in Filmmaking, TV Series, OTT content, Photography and more.

Rentals (A-V-L)

Top notch equipment’s lead to MESMERIZING moments!!

Our team of professionals, combined with their hands-on experience and advanced equipment’s, together make for an amazing combination that gives picture-perfect outcome. Now with the added advantage of high-quality tools that can be rented anytime through our services, the output will be nothing less than impeccable.

All-in-One​ Marketing

Marketing is a success when we make it IMPACTFUL!!

Our marketing approach, combined with the bottom-top ideation, navigational strategies, not only ensure a significant ROI, but also creates an intensified digital presence, brand visibility, and a strong customer base. You can be assured that your brand, product and service will be driven forward by the best-in-industry solutions.

Music Production

Music is MAGIC beyond the spoken word!!

Our core team of experts and consultants can help you out with all stages of music composition, be it song writing, arranging, tracking, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. We offer audio designs for product advertisements, jingles and more with technical, creative support for music video production, songs for movies, radio and video content creators.

Event Management​

We believe in an ADVENTUROUS experience!!

With the added benefit of a team of experts across various domains, and a strong creative support team in place, you are assured of a phenomenal power packed event! With step-by-step planning, comprehensive end-to-end logistics planning, detailed research and information, our dynamic team will execute any type of event, including corporate celebrations, festivals, weddings and formal parties, ceremonies, concerts, comedy shows, DJ parties, college events, fashion shows, children’s birthday parties and more.

V.R 360

V.R 360 deals exclusively with the technical aspects of your business requirements from the Virtual Reality or Digital Content Creation standpoint. We provide Next-Gen solutions in Branding, Website and App Development, AI & Automation, Content Writing, Visual, Sound and Special Effects, Dubbing, Content Localization, Gaming and Animation.


The SOUL of the company!!

We undertake all types of branding related services, like logo designs, brand messaging, brand positioning, managing the brand voice, formulating the style guide and creating the social media strategy. We can also help build a new brand from scratch or do rebranding for established businesses, by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds.

Website & App Development

Website, the FACE of a business!!

We undertake website and app development projects providing a wide range of services from single page websites to complex Android and iOS applications. Our myriad services include developing new applications, upgradation of existing applications, maintenance services and much more. Regardless of whether you are a start-up organization or a well established institution, we can transform the face of your tradecraft through our services.

AI & Automation

The FUTURE is here!!

With our extended array of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) empowered services, your venture will undergo an accelerated transformation. Especially in critical business processes, workflows, and operations, you will achieve a firm handle on the real-world challenges. Thereby, you are assured of amplified performance, with regards to decision making, and data-driven analytics, while adhering to a simplified process with optimized solutions.

Content Writing ​

The power of the written WORD!!

Our team holds some of the best in business Content Creators and Writers, who are thoroughly professional, handpicked to put forth high quality content for your requirement. With SEO optimized content, which are unique and original, their areas of prowess include Newsletters, Video scripting, social media posts, blogs for website, product description for marketing, product reviews, websites, landing pages, metadata descriptions for video and image.


The visual storytelling that creates IMPACT!!

Animation is the right blend of technology, imagination and creativity and nobody understands this better than our team of animation experts. From character creation, images, products, to vividly descriptive explainer videos, our team can bring you the best of various animation techniques, right from traditional animation, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion. We will help you to generate animation content with maximum visual impact, that are engaging in the simplest way possible.


ELEVATION of fun to an all-new level!!

Sit back and be amazed, as our core developer team of experts take your project through its various phases right from planning, pre-production, production, testing, pre-launch, launch, post-production. We offer end-to-end gaming development services on both iOS and Android platforms delivering adventure games, role-playing, simulation, strategy and puzzle games in mobile app, virtual & augmented reality, and console games.

Visual Effects & Special Effects

Bring LIFE to your story!!

Come, step into the mind boggling world of VFX, and check out our impossibly creative and technically dominant team of VFX experts. Be it a single VFX shot, CGI, set extension or an environment creation, or even rotoscoping, matchmove, digital compositing, virtual cinematography, blurring, chroma key, animation, matte painting, rig removal, we can pretty much do it all. Our core team is always oriented towards an enhanced visualization experience, blending the larger picture with flying effects, fake rain, animatronics, laser lighting, prosthetic make-up, smoke and fog, CO2 effects, and pyrotechnics.

Sound Effects & Foley ​

An elevated SENSORY experience!!

A visual creation without sound falls flat in terms of audience engagement. With this knowledge deep in mind, our experts in Sound Design and Foley can elevate your product concept to an all new height and create enhanced sound effects with the visuals, that aims at invoking very deep powerful emotional responses from the audience. This also helps deliver vital product information effectively. Our Foley experts design sound effects that simulate the everyday sound, making it more impactful and thereby augmenting the visual. Minute footsteps, movement of the character and props on the screen, to name a few.