Top 10 essential Photography Tips for beginners

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Photography is an art, the learning process is never-ending. Whether you have purchased your new DSLR camera or you are looking to improve your existing photography skills, the following tips should help you become a photography expert. The best way to improve your photography skills is to practice often, learn from your mistakes and take opinions from the experts.

1. Practice holding your camera properly:

Learning to hold the camera may sound obvious, but as a beginner, you need to learn how to hold the camera first to avoid shaky and blurry images. The stable base and proper grip are more important, as a photography beginner you need to use both your hands, one to hold the camera grip and another under the lens. You should tuck both your elbows closer to your chest to give extra support. Hola, practice this basic trick to hold the camera, you are all set to take a perfect shot.

2. Explore to shoot in RAW:

RAW is a format in the camera, wherein the captured images from the camera sensor are without compressing them. Photos in RAW occupy huge space, but it is worth having higher resolution images as they can be edited and processed easily.

3. ISO

The standard measurement is mentioned in the camera. The lower the ISO is less sensitive to light and the higher the ISO is more sensitive to light. When shooting outdoor ISO setting from 100 to 200 is recommended while for indoor shooting at night a higher ISO 400 to 800 or even higher is recommended. Make a habit of checking ISO before taking a picture.

4. Learn to use Aperture:

It is the opening in the lens which controls the amount of light that gets through the sensor of the camera. A lower f-number – wide aperture lets max light through while a higher f-number – narrow aperture lets minimum light through. A wider aperture is used to isolate an object and if you want to cover the entire scene, then narrow ones are good. For taking portraits a wider aperture is good, while a narrow aperture is best for capturing landscapes.

5. Prioritize aperture with Shutter speed:

Shutter speed controls how long the shutter needs to be open while taking a picture. The longer the shutter open light enters the camera which will blur motion, while a faster shutter speed is good to capture freezing actions.

If you prioritize using aperture then the camera will adjust the shutter speed accordingly. It is more useful while shooting a portrait and if you need to blur the background.

While prioritizing shutter speed, the camera will adjust the aperture accordingly. If you want to capture your pet racing towards you then you can choose a faster shutter speed wherein the camera will adjust the aperture.

6. Choose camera flash wisely:

Most beginners tend to use the flash, but it may lead to harsh shadows, blur pics, or red eyes. It is always better to choose the higher ISO and get a noisier picture than to use the flash. But sometimes you may certainly have to use the flash when there is simply not enough light.

You may also diffuse the light from the flash by placing an opaque scorch sheet of paper over the flash, it helps to soften your capture, you can also hold cardboard to bounce the light off the ceiling by placing it at a certain angle.

7. Adjust the white balance genuinely:

Lighting plays a major role in capturing a colourful picture. Lights have different characteristics, so you need to adjust the white balance to get a perfect colourful picture, else you may tend to get slightly bluish, green, or orange hues. So adjust the white balance from settings you either can choose auto adjustment or preset it.

8. Shoot with Natural light:

You get an amazing photo with natural light, hence shoot during the golden hours to get the best, natural sunlight. You must shoot 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after sunrise, this is the golden hour where the sun casts a lovely glow and helps the light to spread evenly on the images.

9. Experiment angle and use the rule of thirds to get a perfect picture:

The best creative photography can be captured with the same scene or place but by capturing the picture at different angles. You need a lot of practice to implement the right angle for capturing a picture. If you are doing a toddler photo shoot, you have to get down to their level of viewing them to your eyes.

Rule of thirds helps you to compose the shots perfectly. The rule simply states to divide your scene into nine equal parts and use the gridlines to focus your object. If you place the object in four intersecting points you will get a well-balanced and stronger composition picture.

10. Pay attention to the background:

A clutter-free background doesn’t allow the viewers to deviate from the main subject/object of the photos. Always take a picture in a simple and distraction-free background, if you have a distracting background, you may obscure it by using your aperture techniques (wider aperture).

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