Generation360™ Media Solutions offers customized, objective-oriented, and innovative solutions to maximize business outcomes and enhance the overall experience.


The Generation360™ team comprises highly qualified industry experts and academicians having over 3 decades of collective experience in Filmmaking, Photography, Cinematography, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Automation and more. We offer a secured, end-to-end integrated, cloud-based, multi-device platform for Next-Gen B2B services and academic delivery.


5W1H Our strategy enables us to balance both Services and Academy verticals with equanimity and assure high-quality service and delivery. We believe in constantly improving ourselves, our techniques and our methods. The field of media and education is very dynamic and subject to many changes that occur frequently. Our adherence to the 5W1H principle helps us keep on top of things.

What - Solutions that are progressive, diverse, customer-centric, and innovative

Who - Client requiring solutions for media production services, courses and training across industries

Where - On a Next-Gen cloud-based, integrated media platform for production services and academy

When - Round the clock support, throughout the year for media production services and academy

Why - There is a need for a one-stop solution for media services and comprehensive academy in the media & entertainment industry and a perpetual requirement for the highly skilled workforce

How - Strategic partnership with service providers, building a community for networking and talent identification. Developing niche curriculum to cater to the constant updations happening in the industry

About us

Generation360™ Academy is an offline and online platform with the prime focus to bridge the skill gap between academics and industry requirements with focus on Upskill, Reskill and New Skills at work and personal life.

The demand for enhancing existing skills and acquiring new skills is only going to grow and we ensure you develop the required skills to remain highly competitive, constantly evaluate and measure your progress.

Generation360™ Academy was established with the sole intent of encouraging creative talent, and making the training experience more interactive, comfortable, and impactful at the same time.

We provide a cloud-based, multi-device, secure training content delivery platform with the ability to support interactive courses, assignments, assessments, and projects that are scored to support data-driven insights, measure the progress thereby increasing the learning curve.

Live, streamed classes, webinars, on-demand content, certification, and internship opportunities to collaborate with some of the top talents from the industry, are some of the lucrative features of the programs that our academy offers. We provide personalized training solutions - instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and Anytime Learning (ATL) modules across industries.